Prof. Dr. K. Nur BEKİROĞLU


Dear Students,


Faculty of Electrical-Electronics, which is one of core faculty of century old Yıldız Technical University, comprises of four departments: Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering and Control and Automation Engineering. The faculty continues its undergraduate and graduate education as well as academic studies.


Our faculty educates engineers that will shape the future with its experienced and dynamic academic staff, with constantly updated and MUDEK accredited education plan, with new faculty building and with well-equipped labs and research labs.


Working areas of our departments and their importance for our lives have been growing with each passing day. Thus, our well-educated graduates can easily find their places in both national and international sectors.


Since fast-paced technological developments are main characteristics of our engineering areas, we seek to educate our students to be innovative and entrepreneur. Our efforts are directed to educate individuals that not only use technology effectively but also shape and enhance technology with their talent and accumulated knowledge during their education life.


In addition to educational activities, our academicians take part in national and international research projects and do consulting job to industry. They also work together with related sectors in product improvement and product development. They pass their experience and knowledge to our students so that you have improved skills in innovation and entrepreneurship.



In addition to being competent and well-versed in engineering, we would like you to be social, researcher, environmentalist, developer, innovative, designer and entrepreneur. I would like to point out that both we and you need to act responsibly and do all our best to reach this aim. 


At the end of education life at Electrical-Electronics Faculty, I believe that you will firstly be a good person and then will be a good engineer who will take part in projects and research and development work; who will offer valuable services to both our nation and humanity; who will shape the technology. I wish you success both in your university life and your career.

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