Prof. Dr. K. Nur BEKİROĞLU

Dear Yildiz Technical University Family,

The Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Yildiz Technical University, which is located in the center of Turkey's most developed industrial regions and is one of the most well-established educational institutions, plays an extremely crucial role in our country’s progress.

Our faculty has made it a mission to train the qualified engineers that our country is in need of, with its research-oriented teaching staff who are experts in their fields, are innovative, are constantly improving, have experience and are equipped with the understanding of the “university” of our dynamic world.

As the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, which I am proud to be a member of since my student years, I greet you with love and respect, never forgetting our aim to improve our faculty in line with the principles I mentioned above.

Prof. Dr. K. Nur BEKİROĞLU

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