BSc. Programmes

Double Major
Students of YTU having 3.0/4.0 GPA can apply to another BSc. programme on their 3rd or 5th semester as a double major. Upon success, student will recive a second diploma as well. Departments belonging to our Faculty are the most desiable ones among the others as a double major programme


Internal Transfer
Students of YTU may continue to their education in another programme opon their wish by taking advantage of Internal Transfer. The applicants must succeed 1st year courses with 3.0/4.0 GPA, must take high ranking among the others. Every programme has a fixed capacity for the Internal Transfer.


Horizontal Changeover
Any student from any university having an equivalent BSc. program can apply for Horizontal Changeover. Horizontal changeover is not allowed for the prep school and 1st year.


Summer School
Summer school is not an official semester. It's aim is to offers some of the courses during summer period. This gives a change to the student who did not had the possibility to enroll (due to any reason) to those courses. Every year, the courses that the prorgams will offer are determined upon the abilities and demand. The period of summer school is shorter than any official semester but the total course hours are equal.


2nd (Night) Programme
2nd (Night) programme is only available for Electrical Engineering. The courses of that programme takes place betwwen 16.00 - 22.00 on week days and 08.00 - 21.00 on saturdays. The content of that programme is exactly the same of the ordinary Electrical Enngineering programme, and the diplomas are equivalent. The courses are conducted by the same academic staff as well.


Stundet can obtain detailed information (in TURKISH) related above mentioned topics through web site of Student Affairs Bureau


MSc. & PhD. Programmes


Graduate studies incorporates MSc.with thesis, MSc. without thesis and PhD. programmes. All the programmes ara conducted under the guidence of Institue of Science and Technology.


Graduate Programmes

Department Programme Study Type
Computer Engineering Computer Engineering MSc., PhD.
Control and Automation Engineering Control and Automation Engineering MSc., PhD.
Electrical Engineering Electrical Mchines and Power Electronics MSc., PhD.
Electrical Installations MSc., PhD.
Control And Automation MSc., PhD.
Electronics & Communcation Engineering Electronics MSc., PhD.
Communication MSc., PhD.


Information related with the graduate studies can be retrevied from the web site of Institue of Science and Technology.